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May 28, 2020

In this introduction to the self-portrait workshop, MAMF Director Circe Olson Woessner introduces the concept and discusses the materials needed for the class. This podcast is brought to you by the Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center through a grant from NM Arts as part of a series of workshops, town halls and exhibits in our addiction/recovery series.

“Self” Portraits Materials Needed:

Watercolor paper and water color paints and any combination of: markers, colored pencils, tempera, ink, “puff” paint, stickers, magazine letters, glue sticks or glue or anything else you want…

 Elements to incorporate into your portrait:

  • Title of a favorite book
  • An expression you use a lot
  • A line from a favorite poem or scripture
  • Things you love: people, animals, places
  • A flower
  • Something which brings you peace & contentment

 Something that symbolizes:

  • Where you live now
  • Where is “home”
  • A favorite animal or your spirit guide
  • Your heritage
  • Your roles
  • Who you really are
  • A challenge you have overcome
  • Your talent(s)

Colors to include in your portrait:

  •  Red-Security (I am)
  • Orange-Creativity (I feel)
  • Yellow-Confidence (I do)
  • Green-Love/compassion (I love)
  • Blue-Communication(I talk)
  • Indigo-Intuition/imagination (I see)
  • Purple- Interconnection/spirituality(I understand)

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