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May 18, 2020

This podcast is brought to you by the Museum of the American Military Family & Learning Center. We are located in Tijeras, NM just east of Albuquerque. We collect stories in a variety of formats. Check us out, and if you're interested, send us a story...or two...or three! We will accept short video or audio files, as well as written posts for our blogs

Query us or send a written story to:

Audio Podcasts:

Together We Serve: "Service" stories from Brats, Vets, Spouses & Others

Schooling With Uncle Sam: Teachers & Students talk about their DOD school stories

America Remembers 'Nam: Veterans and their families share their thoughts on Vietnam

Video Podcasts: 

One Takes: Like the name implies, people share their stories in a short, unedited format--

Kitchen Table Convos: The best conversations happen around the kitchen table!

Brat Time Stories: Can't sleep? Check out our middle-of-the-night bedtime stories, written by, about and for the insomniac Brat

At Ease!  Arts, Entertainment, Literature & Travel-there's a little something for everyone

Affiliated Podcasts:


Our Blogs:

At Ease: Books & More for Brats and their families

We Served Too

Passports & Pedagogy: Schooling with Uncle Sam

The American Military Family

Letters Home

America Remembers 'Nam

MAMF Projects


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